Attention Pro Enduro teams going to Eagle River,
I am providing latest update on what to expect when you arrive:

NOTICE: Pro Enduro race teams must have purchased an accepted 2 digit number from MIRA and have drivers that have current driver’s license in order to obtain season championship points. In the event a team runs a second sled with an “X” added to the number, that entry cannot score season points because it has not purchased and recorded separate MIRA enduro number. A number with an “X” is NOT and official number as we do not allow 3 digit numbers.

Please call Kim Kirts and purchase your driver’s license, obtain your team number if you wish to be awarded season points.

For Eagle River only; you do not have to have a MIRA membership to race but WILL NOT score points for any sled/entry that does not have one, including teams with second sled entry that did not purchase a MIRA number for it.

This must be done BEFORE Friday(Jan. 15th) at 5pm if you want points. Kim will not be at the race and not available after 5pm on this Friday

1. NO ATV’s will be allowed in the pit area to move machines or people.
2. At this moment there will be paid practice on Thursday as published. Count on cones on the track to direct sleds off the main racing grove. Should any team elect not to practice that has paid, there will be refund.
3. PIT PASS; this is different than we do it in MIRA, the pit pass needed is to enter the staging area or “bull pen”, not the area where the race trailers are. I suggest only the crew needed to manage your sled be in the hot pit area, this staging pen gets very congested especially on Saturday. You must submit a list of people to the registration building you want to have hot pit access They will need to report there, sign waiver to get pass. MIRA team owners can submit the list but any additions to the list must be verified by the driver who must escort the person to registration to be added to pit pass list. The staging area is not the place for spectators, I suggest you limit this pit pass to your team that needs to be in there. MIRA Pit passes will NOT be honored.
4. This morning there are 26 entries for the Enduro, that is fantastic response to this event. Remember that 20 sleds make the race. You are representing MIRA while in Eagle River and I trust we are going to impress the snowmobile world. Please conduct yourselves accordingly as you are a part of the best group on racers in the world. Any issues, please see Jamie Vincent, Charlie Wiltse or myself, Karl Schwartz and let us help in a professional manner.
5. There will be a remote pit stop with yellow being displayed at lap 48. Be prepared to take your gear via cart or plastic sled into the infield for this. radios to your driver are allowed as normal. We will move into infield immediately after the Pro Champ WC final Sunday around 3pm.
6. Bring crew to starting line and stand shoulder to shoulder along the inside bank during driver introductions. Look SHARP.
7. MIRA covid guidelines will be enforced, know the plan that is on our web site and wear a mask for driver intros and DO NOT go into another trailer without a mask on!! Be respectful and smart about this
8. The race schedule for the weekend is posted on the MIRA website.
9. The track will be in rough shape after 2 weekends of racing before our event. We are enduro racers and this should not present a problem. The weather over there is not cold enough for good ice building this week. BE POSITIVE, the track will be the same for all of us. You are MIRA, this is what we do, better than anyone.
10. Finally; I am proud and respectful of the relationship that has been built between WCDC and MIRA. I am also proud to represent all of you. Be safe, have fun and Kick Butt
Snowmobile Racing with Midwest International Racing Association

Midwest International Racing Association.

M.I.R.A., the Midwest International Racing Association, started in 1979. We began as a snowmobile enduro racing circuit with race events throughout the Midwest and Michigan. When it started, the races were “true” enduros, meaning that the “TC 250” was actually 250 miles, or 500 laps on the half mile track. As time progressed, M.I.R.A. added a sprint racing format to accomodate racers that didn’t want to race the long distances. In that time the enduros were shortened to 250-500 lap events to make room for the sprint racing. M.I.R.A. is a not for profit, member owned, and ISR certified company.

Currently M.I.R.A. runs a full sprint racing program on Saturday, with the Kitty Cat 120’s and the main event enduro following on Sunday. The class structure is similar to that of most other sprint racing associations, which allows them to participate without having to make drastic changes to their equipment. The feature competitors in our enduros are the 600 Modified sleds.

2021 Schedule

NOTE: WEBSITE Updated Jan 11, 2021



NOTE ( required only for DRIVERS optional for all others )

2021 MIRA
Pro Enduro

2021 Points Coming Soon !

Jan 16-17, 2021
1st ever Pro Enduro World Championship in Eagle River WI
(Enduro Only)

** Eagle River Schedule of Events **

Jan 30-31, 2021
Extreme PowerSports 250

Gaylord, MI


Feb. 13-14, 2021
E.U.P. Merchants 250

Kinross, MI


Feb 20-21, 2021
Fire Rite 250.

Lincoln, MI


Caro Winterfest 250.
Caro, MI


2021 Press Releases

Jan 5, 2021
MIRA is very pleased to announce that the Gaylord Tourism Bureau will once again be a sponsor of our race in Gaylord the; Extreme Powersports 250 to be help Jan. 23 and 24 in Gaylord Michigan. Full Story

Dec 17, 2020
MIRA Presidents Letter
The MIRA board has been working overtime to keep the organization moving through these difficult times. Our goal is to provide safe, fun and affordable racing for our membership. This is not easy on a normal year, you can imagine what we are faced with now. Full Story

Dec 16, 2020
Pre-Race Safety Inspection is mandatory for all sleds Practicing or Racing 2021 World Championship Snowmobile Derby, Prior to entry onto the track.  Full Story

Nov 13, 2020
MIRA has formed a partnership with Gaylord Michigan based Dubie Welding a custom welding/fabrication shop and the manufactures of Dubie Snow Groomers. Owners; Mark, David and Andy have agreed to build the Gaylord race track at its new location along I-75 at the south Gaylord exit. Dubie Welding is an advance fabrication shop offering CAD design and state of the art welding processes. The guys also are performance experts and take on all kinds for special projects. The entire MIRA organization would like to welcome this dynamic company to the race family and look forward to many years of working together. Andy Dubie and his team plan to start driving frost just as soon as weather permits.

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